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Washington Travel & Holiday Tips

With its impressive monuments and museums, its stately government buildings and mansions, Washington DC is easily recognisable as the United State's capital city. The city is mainly based on government and everything from museums to mansions bring millions of tourists each year. Washington DC is the second most visited city in the United States (after New York) and among the top travel destinations in the world.



Popular with the young, hip crowd, Adams-Morgan is considered one of Washington's most colourful neighbourhoods. Though it is primarily home to Latinos and West Africans, the neighbourhood is brimming with people of many backgrounds. It's a great place to find ethnic restaurants and with its mix of nationalities, Adams-Morgan is one of the most interesting and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods in the city. The cultural diversity is evident in its quirky shops and offbeat bars and clubs.


Just across the Anacostia River in Southeast Washington, Anacostia is a historic African-American neighbourhood. The neighbourhood, named after its Native American inhabitants, dates back to John Smith's arrival in the New World in 1607. Of particular interest are the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, the Woodlawn Cemetery and the Anacostia Museum: a Smithsonian Museum showcasing African-American culture.

Capitol Hill

'The Hill' is known not just for the imposing US Capitol, but for its interesting blend of government buildings, Victorian row houses, restaurants and shops. The Capitol dominates the neighbourhood; the Supreme Court of the United States, the Library of Congress and Union Station are other prominent buildings. You'll also find Eastern Market, one of the city's oldest farmers' markets and the Folger Shakespeare Library, which features theatre, chamber music, baroque opera and other performances.


Chinatown is a small neighbourhood that is easily accessible by Metro or foot from downtown Washington. The neighbourhood is marked by the colourful Friendship Archway and many of the city's Asian restaurants and shops are here. Chinatown is the site of the popular Chinese New Year's Day parade.

Dupont Circle

Washington's gay neighbourhood is equally popular with heterosexuals looking for lively nightlife, exceptional restaurants and funky shops. With its historic townhouses, art galleries and theatres, Dupont Circle is a great place to explore. At the circle, three of the District's major avenues – New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts – converge. With its large central fountain and shade trees, the circle is a great place to sit and watch the crowds or enjoy lunch.

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